21081 S. Western Ave. Suite 150, Torrance, CA 90501

Western Medical Group

About Us

On February 16, Western Medical Group was acquired by Concentra®. You’ll continue to receive the same quality medical services you have come to expect, now under a new name and with a new look. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


At Western Medical Group your valuable health care dollars are spent directly on the care and expedient return to work of your employee. All of our services and administration are performed in-house and on-premises giving you direct access to every facet of your health care program. Communicate directly with physicians, nurses, physical therapists, billing, coding; even the C.E.O. is on premises and available as a resource.


Our highly trained board certified physicians and staff have been with Western Medical Group for many years. Your organization will benefit from the continuity of care and service built upon a long-standing relationship with our doctors and staff and our intimate understanding of your specific business practices.

Distinct Medical Units:

Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine/Workers Compensation, Family/Internal Medicine, Physical Therapy, and X-Ray, while conveniently located in the same building, operate with independent admitting staff, waiting rooms, and medical staff. Your employees will not be delayed in a centralized system from the waiting room to treatment to discharge.

On-Site Services:

Western Medical Group comes to you providing on-site services including Flu vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, Pulmonary function testing, Audio testing, CPR & First Aid training, Healthy Work Practice Seminars; back, repetitive motion, lifting, and customized job-specific safe work practice training.

Competitve Pricing:

Western Medical Group provides the best medical care with a pricing structure at or below the corporate health care providers.

“Fast Track” –

puts your employees at the front of the line and reduces waiting time (and costs).

Individualized Case Review Systems

tailored for your company needs. Our staff will design and prepare reports specifically formatted to your requirements and our physicians will personally review them with you on a routine basis.

Client Relations Manager:

Western Medical Group has on-staff a dedicated Client Relations Manager who is available to you 24/7 to assist with any case issues and ensure responsive and expeditious case management.