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Fit for Duty

Employees returning to work from a non-work related issue may need to be evaluated to assess their abilities and capabilities to perform the specific work assignment they are returning to.

Situations such as elective surgery, extended illnesses, infectious or non-infectious diseases, and other situations may affect a person’s ability to return to their previous job unimpeded and without restriction. Often ,an employee’s private physician is unqualified to make a complete determination as to whether the employee is capable of returning to work. Many physicians of other specialties are not aware of a worker’s job demands and may release them without due consideration of their work capacity. In these circumstances, Western Medical Group can perform a comprehensive “fit for duty” examination.

In this instance, Western Medical Group will examine the patient and request further information or require other interventions to prepare the worker to return safely back to work. This reduces the risk of a non work-related condition, converting to one that is work-related, due to a worsening of the condition while the employee is at work.