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Western Medical Group

Medical Surveillance Exams

If you work with hazardous agents or are a firefighter or other emergency responder, we will do pre-placement and annual medical surveillance physicals if requested by your employer. These are done to ensure that you are safe to work with these chemical agents in the workplace, can safely wear a respirator, or if you have any medical condition that needs to be addressed. Some of these conditions could affect your ability to work because we do not want to worsen a pre-existing condition due to a workplace exposure. We will also discuss your general health issues such as your blood pressure, cholesterol, skin, prostate or other medical conditions that may have no affect on your ability to do the job but are important for you to follow up on to monitor your health. If the information we gain does not affect your ability to work, then the details are confidential and not shared with your employer. We simply tell them if you can work safely or require work restrictions. You may be asked to follow up certain abnormalities we discover with your primary care provider with a report back to us (held confidential to be sure issues are resolved before full duty releases.)