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Western Medical Group

What You Can Expect

You will be asked to fill-out a questionnaire about your health (complete online or at time of visit) and an incident report describing how your injury occurred and what part of your body has been injured.

Our staff will check: Vital signs: Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Pulse, Height and Weight. Other tests may be performed during your visit depending on the doctor’s evaluation.

You will have a thorough and detailed examination by a health care provider with treatment plan for both the acute injury and prevention. You can ask any questions regarding your injury and treatment and expect a detailed account by our health care professionals.

If you are referred to physical therapy, you will find the full array of treatments including exercises, strengthening, stretching, motor control training, manual therapy, soft tissue work or other appropriate modalities, as necessary.

If you are referred to a specialist, know that we use the very best . Our physicians are in constant communication with all of our specialists and will continue to follow you along with your specialty care.

Note that we are obligated to share certain information relevant to your injury with your employer and for insurances carriers. If there is medical information you wish to hold private, please inform your provider. Our intention is to help you heal from your injury and teach you what you need to know about working safely using proper body mechanics, what exercises to do and when, how to stay fit and avoid future injuries.