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Western Medical Group

Work-Related Injuries

Western Medical Group physicians treat all manner of work-related injuries as well as toxic exposures, both chemical and biological. We are dedicated and understand our obligation is to discern causality and perform a detailed causality analysis prior to addressing if the injury is or is not work related. We value communication and communicate with you s we know you do. Our providers will call you with details of every new injury.

Our Approach to the Injured Worker:

Professional assessment and management of the acute injury
We use the best medical practices and the very best specialty consultants as well as highly competent and skilled physical therapists to make an accurate assessment of the injury as well as verifying, to the greatest extent possible, the work-related nature of the injury.

Prevention, body mechanics and strengthening activities
We want people to leave our practice knowing much more about themselves, their functional capacity, becoming stronger, fitter and safer workers because of what they learn.

Addressing work incapacity issues
This is a critical part of occupational medicine and includes early modified duty – return to work crafted to enhance healing and on-the-job fitness and progressing to full duty. We will also identify individuals who cannot return to full duty without placing themselves, co-workers or the public at risk, or define permanent restrictions that you may or may not be able to accommodate.